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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Skulls and Bones Magazine

So, the exhibition 'The End is the Beginning' went really well, and it's such a relief that it was successful and now all done! 
It was fun and stressful all in one, as exhibitions often are, and marked the end of our course, Bachelor of Illustration, and the beginning of.... (I have yet to find a proper answer for that yet). 
I will put up my images soon, unfortunately my camera had issues and all my photo's have turned out horrible. 
But in other news, last year my class all submitted work for a new online magazine called skulls and bones. None of us heard anything back, but last week we discovered 5 of us are got in, me included! Am quite chuffed I must say to get a little boost in confidence. Here is the link, my image is on page 67.


  1. Awesome hez! I really like this piece. Congrates for getting chosen. Xo

  2. Just had a look through the mag. There is some Amazing work in there. Might have to blog about it on little jackrabbits. Your so lucky to have a place in it... I'm very jealous!