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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Picture a day in May! Give it a go!

Yes the Drawing Challenge for the month of May!
I did try to post this yesterday via my phone, but my phone was not playing nice so I've started the challenge late! Oh Dear, blogging on phone's is a no-no.

But to make up for it I will post two pic's for today!
I hope some of you will join in and try to draw at least one picture a day!
I think it should be great fun, and a pencil sharpening challenge. I have seen others do it, but have never challenged myself, however due to feeling that I'm just not putting in enough effort anymore and letting life take charge while my pencil takes a back seat, I thought, Enough!

So let's GO!!

I thought maybe a little Alice like...?
Taken with Instagram, a little in action drawing, making up for being a day late!
I love my blue pencil.

Well Good Luck and Happy Challenge!

Heather xo

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