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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Flowers in a Vase Art and Craft for kids!

Flowers in a Vase Art and Craft for kids

Paint and brushes
Oil Pastels

First we discussed what warm and cool colours were and then I asked them each to choose 1 cool colour and 1 warm colour and we painted the canvas roughly half and half. 
While that was drying, we used pencils to draw a vase and some flowers (making sure it would fit on the canvas later on). We then coloured the vase with oil pastels trying to use toning values - you can see there was a mixed result. We also coloured in the flowers and then cut everything out.
I had already cut some green strips for flower stems, but some choose to make their own.
Cutting out the flowers can be tricky so help was needed.
Then we stuck everything on, starting with stems, then vase and finally flowers.
*note it is important to make sure the flower stems are at the right height to poke above the vase and that they are close enough to look like they are in the vase.

The kids had lots of fun and the result was bright and cheerful!

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